dnotespeedie's build of dnote, the suckless notification daemon with PNG and .Xresour...
fontctrlMinimal POSIX compliant font manager for GNU/Linux.
ivtoolsivtools is a package of shell scripts that use ffmpeg and imagemagick to manipul...5 weeks
libspeedwmSimple speedwm utility useful for interacting with speedwm signals written in C....7 weeks
packrWork in progress (concept stage) hybrid package manager for GNU/Linux 2 weeks
patchessuckless patches 7 weeks
rssreadExtremely basic tool for making sfeed more like newsboat.
speedie-aurspeedie's AUR 9 hours
speedie-overlayspeedie's Gentoo overlay
speedwmspeedie's fork of's dynamic window manager 4 weeks
speedwm-autopatcherShell script which allows you to auto-patch speedwm with modules. 5 weeks
speedwm-extrasExtra scripts for speedwm
speedwm-fontsFonts for speedwm 8 weeks
speedwm-speediespeedie's configuration of speedwm 5 weeks
speedwm-taggridTag grid module for speedwm, just run the script and enable the module. 7 weeks
spmenuspeedie's fork of suckless dmenu with color support and more 7 hours
stspeedie's fork of st with .Xresources, pywal, sixel and more. 3 weeks
startpageMinimal JS/PHP free start page for qutebrowser with Pywal and dynamic image supp...
tabbedspeedie's fork of tabbed with showhide, pywal, .Xresources and more. 8 weeks